Family Entertainment Center Digital Marketing

You create joy. We help you spread it.

Entertainment is a crowded industry. Families have more choice than ever- and not just in your field. Theme parks have to compete with movie theaters, which have to compete with family restaurants, which have to compete with tourist attractions. The list is ever-growing, as is the advertising. Consumers are bombarded with ads at every turn. So how do you stand out and delight your guests? It’s called Inbound Marketing, and it’s what we specialize in.

Here's how inbound marketing is improving and replacing traditional FEC marketing tactics:

Inbound Marketing

  • Creating memories
  • Nurturing families and emotions
  • Long-Term Relationships
  • Engage your guests, where are they spending their time
  • Measurable At Every Step
  • Powered by experiences and fun

Outbound Marketing

  • Expensive media buys
  • Buying names
  • Competing with ad clutter
  • Interrupt uniterested prospects
  • Difficult to prove ROI
  • Powered by budget
Here's How It Works For You:

More Leads To Bring In,
More Guests To Delight

Spend less time on ineffective methods. Let us turn your family entertainment center marketing into magic.

Times- and families- have changed. Instead of shouting at them from inside your doors, we help you open a conversation about magic and memories.

Not through spammy messages or annoying advertisements. We help you strategically provide the answers to their questions, where and when they want them. Then we help you bring them what they want. We make your marketing work for your family entertainment center.

Inbound Marketing
  • We help attract strangers to your site
  • We help convert visitors into leads
  • We help close leads into guests
  • We help delight guests into happy promoters
Search Engine Optimization
  • Targeting the keywords families are using is crucial to being discovered by guests
  • Blue Kaboom will research which keywords appeal to your guests
  • We optimize your web pages with fresh, pertinent content centered around potential guests
Social Media
  • We find families online, and where they go for their informaion
  • We create and distribute phenomenal content they crave
  • We bring them to your site as the answer to everything they need
Web Design
  • Website design isn’t just about looks anymore
  • A lead-generating website is built differently than a standard website
  • We provide professional, converting websites and actionable analytics

Use Twitter to Attract More Guests to Your Fun Center!

Utilizing Twitter for your family entertainment center is a great way for you to connect and converse with guests. Our guide will help you create a strong Twitter profile, and teach you how to appeal to a wider audience. There's tons of people who may not have visited your business yet. We can help you interact with those guests by:

  • Creating content your audience will appreciate
  • Conversing with your followers to get your posts seen and shared in their networks
  • Growing your online followers
  • Enticing people who haven't visited your family entertainment center to visit