The Team

Our team help businesses explode in their industries from building lead-generating websites to managing social media platforms. 
Troy Henson

Troy Henson

President & Marketing Ninja

Troy is an entrepreneur with a diversified marketing and design background that empowers him to continuously produce exceptional online marketing results for our clients.

Troy started Blue Kaboom in 2004 and is proud of the company's success. With his love of digital marketing, he continues to explore new digital media avenues to improve the company's overall value.

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Leah Presser

Leah Presser

Content Writer & Editor

Leah writes content designed to attract more visitors to your website and help you build trusting relationships with potential customers. She uses storytelling techniques and marketing strategies in her craft to create emotional connections that compel readers to take action and engage with your brand.

When Leah isn't writing, she's reading about marketing trends and strategizing to one day buy an island where she can bring every stray dog in the world to live happily ever after.


Debbie Immesoete

Art Director

With years of experience working in print and digital platforms with large and small budgets, Debbie is an incredibly versatile art director. She has the extensive knowledge and experience of what it takes to create unique and relevant brand stories that elicit positive results.

Working with Blue Kaboom, Debbie focuses on the design aspect of inbound marketing through web design, offer development and more, driving significant results for clients. When Debbie isn't creating masterpieces for brands, she is spending time with her family or running her vintage camper business.

Joey Altherr

Joey Altherr

Paid Search & SEO Specialist

With a strong background in search and internet marketing, Joey has worked endlessly optimizing clients' online presence.

Holding multiple certifications including Advanced Search, Advanced Display, YouTube, Shopping, Analytics, Mobile, e-Commerce, Joey plays a vital role in developing optimal AdWords, Bing Paid Search and SEO campaigns.

Troy Davis

Troy Davis

Web Developer

Software architect and entrepreneur, Troy helps Blue Kaboom execute development projects with success. Troy has been in a working relationship with Blue Kaboom for over two years.

He has worked on many of our web projects and executed designs to the fullest usability regardless if in a Wordpress or a Hubspot CMS environment.


Chris McMahon

Web Developer

Chris is a detail oriented developer with over 15 years of delivering successful client engagements. He has gained extensive experience with a variety of development platforms and advanced technologies throughout his career. Chris’s passion lies in finding the most elegant solution to any problem our client may face.

If Chris isn’t glued to his laptop, he is most likely out hiking with his dogs, trying out a new recipe, or binge-watching some new series on Netflix.

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