How to Find the Best Keywords for Your Manufacturing Marketing


As a manufacturing company in today’s world, how are potential customers finding out about you? Often times, encounters begin with a Google search for the products or services they’re looking for - are you showing up in the results?

Between paid advertising and organic search ranking, organic wins 94% of the time. Ultimately, if you can appear as a top (ideally, in the top 3) options in searches, there’s a 60% chance of being clicked. Net, appearing in the top Google results organically can increase your website traffic and potential for gaining customers.

How you get there, that can take time and work. Appearing in results for more generic search terms means a comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and a website that’s written and developed for the specific audience you want to reach.

It begins with knowing who your audience is and what they want when searching for something you can offer them. Get started by developing a buyer persona for your business.

An Intro to Keyword-Focused SEO

Maybe you haven’t really thought about optimizing your manufacturing website for search, consider this your introduction. Let’s go over who this is potentially the most powerful digital and marketing tool available.

Internet users are using search engines like Google and Bing more than ever before to find answers to their problems or needs. You may be guilty of this too - you type in a phrase or question and expect instant results from credible sources. Google alone processes more than 40,000 searches every second - 3.5+ billion searches every day.

To keep users coming back, search engines need to ensure that the results appearing are relevant and credible for the user. To do this, they are regularly “crawling” millions of websites to rank them on search terms and phrases.

Search engines are looking for specific keywords that are related to their searches when crawling your website. The more keywords they find (without keyword stuffing), the higher you rank in those searches. It’s not all about keywords though, the context and other factors such as readability, bounce rate, etc., all affect your rank. That's why finding the right keywords your audience searches for most is crucial to a higher rank in search.

Balancing Volume and Competition

To find out what search terms your audience searches for when they need your product or service is to establish where they are in the buying mode and what they’re looking for. Are they searching for manufacturing steel parts or something more specific such as deep drawn parts?

You’re not the only company offering these products or services and competition may be high - especially for these generic keywords. That's where strategic keyword research enters the equation...

3 Keyword Tools That Can Help You Succeed

Ultimately, simply guessing which keywords are the sweet spot  between volume and competition is not a reliable way to see results. A variety of tools can help you more strategically determine which terms and phrases will work best for your company.

Here are 3 free alternatives that work particularly well:

  • Google Keyword Planner. Only available if you already have an AdWords advertising account, the Keyword Planner allows you to get both current and historical data on specific terms.

  • WordStream Keyword Tool. Also equipped with volume and competition data, WordStream's alternative to Google lets you enter a general search term such as local entertainment, and suggests entire phrases that might work particularly well.

  • Keyword Spy. This tools is particularly informative if you are in direct competition with other attractions in your area. You can search for optimized keywords on your competitors' websites, and adjust your strategy accordingly.

The above is crucial for your manufacturing marketing plan to increase your company’s exposure, but only the beginning of the complex nature of search engine optimization. To build your entire website with SEO-generated brand awareness in mind, you may have to work with professionals. Download the customizable presentation, SEO for Manufacturing companies to learn more about why your company should buy in to SEO.