Five Social Media Marketing Trends for 2019

5 social trends 2019

We all know social media marketing is virtually embedded into the lives of everyone, even if some people never post there. In the world of marketing, social media is now a mainstream essential. Without it, you're losing out on being able to engage with people in real-time and gaining an international audience.

Trends in social media keep changing year by year. Throughout 2019, you'll see things evolve yet again while a few things stay the same.

Take a look at five major marketing trends your business should focus on now and in the months to come.

1. The Use of More Live Video

Live streaming apps have become favorite tools on social media for marketers. However, not enough company marketers are using them to their fullest capabilities. Casual social media users play with these live apps all the time without intending to make money off them.

Your business should use them to your advantage in capturing social followers at the moment. By holding a live event on services like Twitter's Periscope, or Facebook Live, you bring a sense of more exclusivity.

For introducing new products, this can become ideal. In the realm of creating instant engagement with prospects, it's even more incredible. Be sure to interact with your audience live and answer any question a potential customer has.

2. Create Content That Sparks Conversation

Did you know Facebook recently changed their algorithm to favor content meant to create more genuine engagement? It's all the more reason to create social media content guaranteed to start conversations.

There isn't any point to creating anything if it isn't going to create a dialogue. By creating a conversation on a social platform, you're putting forth a personal trust and helping generate interest in the products or service you offer.

Don't just place content on automatic pilot. Think about what your blogs and other content will do to spark lengthy social discussions

3. Using More Micro-Influencers

No doubt you've heard a lot about social media influencers and how much of a difference they make promoting company products. While A-list influencers are still out there, they cost a lot of money to acquire.

Micro-influencers are those who aren't necessarily famous, yet have a strong follower base and acumen toward attracting people. These can become just as valuable because they work cheaper and often bring just as good of results as an A-list influencer.

Expect to see more micro-influencers become hired by companies and deal more in nurturing long-term relationships.

4. More App/Chatbot/Social Media Integration

Messaging apps have become popular in the marketing community because of how they integrate well with social media. It allows users of your apps to receive instant messaging as an addendum to a social account.

The same goes with using chatbots, something we're seeing increase exponentially over the last year. Integrating chatbots with social media will become ever more important to offer real-time customer service options.

Loyal customers will be able to access an AI bot 24/7 to take care of an issue in minutes.

5. Increased Use of Personalized Social Ads

Placing ads on social media is increasing annually. Big companies already do this and know how to do it well by personalizing each ad. Just look at Spotify as a good example.

On Facebook and Twitter, ads are everywhere, though done in a non-intrusive way. You're going to see social ad spend go up considerably this year after hitting a 32% peak last year.

Don't just depend on ads, though. To bring more power to your social media pages, you still need to add valuable content to make the ads effective in tandem.