Five Inbound Marketing Mistakes I See on a Regular Basis

Inbound Mistakes to Avoid.png

Generating web traffic is just the first step in developing your online business. Ultimately, you have to convert any visitors - that is, potential customers - into leads who are willing to actually pay you for your product or service. Here are few tips on what I avoid when I want to raise conversion rates on a site:

1. Only Sending Prospects to the Home Page

Your prospects are not really interested in browsing the entirety of your website for the information they need. This is doubly so if they are ready to buy. Ensure that your organic and paid advertising points to the right landing page so that your customers immediately get the right content and the right call to action.  

2. Ignoring Basic Aesthetics

First impressions always matter and websites are no exception to the rule. You may have the best product or service in the world but if no on notices it, you will not be successful.It is a simple fact that webmasters must pay as much attention to the “look and feel” of their site as they do to the content.

3. Overwhelm Them with Offers

While a discount or a special offer is certainly welcomed by your potential customers, you cannot oversell or the entire site will seem spam laden. Instead, concentrate one getting an email or signing them up to an informative newsletter.

4. Ask for Too Much Information

Similarly, trying to gain too much information on the first visit is also off putting. Aim for an email address and then target your further information gathering efforts based on that address. You, your team and, most importantly, your potential customers will be all the happier for it.

5. Muddle the Navigation

Nothing is more frustrating for a potential customer than to try to head to a particular destination only to be sidetracked by poor website navigation. Instead of finding the information that they want, they are besieged with more pleas for info or given irrelevant information. On the contrary, a superior website makes navigation intuitive and downright easy.

As you can see, the pitfalls to losing visitors as leads are fairly simple. Still, the solution to this problem takes a significant amount of time, energy and money to implement. Just keep in mind that every visitor means money in your pocket and that they should be treated just like the gold that they are.