How We Craft Unique and Relevant Brand Stories


My team at Blue Kaboom understands that attempting to pin down a perfect formula for small and medium-sized business marketing means knowing the points where it's intangibles that matter the most.

Take the marketing tactic of taming the direction of a business' brand story. There are, in a sense, two competing brand stories for a company: the one their marketing team finessed and built, and the one that simply comes to be as part of the collective knowledge of their history and reputation that's out there in the world.

Crafting a Brand Story to Establish the Narrative

The most literal form of a brand story is the one that companies self-publish, usually in as many appropriate venues as possible.

These blurbs give you something to read on a jar while you wait for the sauce that used to be in there to heat up. They pop up as the coda to press releases. And -- when done right -- they boost SEO by adding readable and useful content to business About pages.

For a brand story to matter, to have impact, you cannot simply string together a skeleton and fill in some blanks from client to client. So, with that in mind, let's take a closer look at how me and the marketing pros at Blue Kaboom work together to weave a powerful brand story based on the unique needs of each client.

Facts Are the Bedrock

Crafted brand stories start with the whowhatwhere and when, framed as succinctly as possible. These extremely basic details serve as the foundation upon which the real marketing work is done.

But before we move on from the basics, we need to make sure each detail is right and relevant for the brand. Then, the storytelling begins, giving form to a business beyond simply the products or services they provide.

Building a Narrative to Reflect the Brand

No two businesses should have a brand story that reads alike, if the marketing teams involved are doing their jobs properly. Remember, the crafted brand story isn't meant to be a cold retelling of how a business came to be, but a medium through which to communicate the overall vision of the brand in a narrative form.

Consider us at Blue Kaboom to be an extension of your existing marketing team. Our team works with your team to hash out how to make the "story beats" of the founding and progress of your business sing in a way that resonates with how your brand is intended to be perceived.

Maybe the story of a visionary founder works best. Or perhaps it's more about how your employees collectively stepped up to the task. Perhaps the personal, homey touch of a consumer-facing business doesn't work for your high-end product, so a tale of how your ingenious engineers came up with your flagship design is the right way to go.

The bottom line is, brand stories are a narrative reflection of a company that elevates the brand. We don't set out to fill out text in generic ways, but to create something memorable and special.

End on a Call to Action


There's one more bit that we can pin down as crucial to every brand story: always end on a call to action.

Marketing never stops at simply communicating a basic piece of information. It serves to motivate people to act. And so each uniquely crafted brand story should subtly push readers in that direction -- again, based on the tone the brand is best served by.