Email Marketing Tips to Use in 2019

Email Marketing Tips

Getting invited into a potential customer’s inbox is a huge opportunity to speak directly to them. It also comes with a lot of responsibility.

The fact is, we receive, on average, roughly 120 emails per day (that's not even including all the spam that our systems automatically block). It's important to optimize your email so receivers open and engage with you.

As you prepare for 2019 and your new marketing plans, it’s important to integrate an effective email marketing strategy. We put together an email checklist with best practices to make sure your email stands out in their inbox and encourages them to interact with you.

  1. Include preview text. The preview text provides the reader an idea of what they are about to open. If you don’t specify what you want the preview text is, it will pull the first sentence or two. Use this real estate to give your readers a reason to open. Limit of 140 characters.

  2. Link to helpful resources. Include helpful links such as extra call-to-actions or other resources that your readers will be interested in and find valuable.

  3. Don’t shorten links unless they have click tracking. Spam filters look for links that were passed through link shortening services and it can cause a red flag. Using URL tracking is acceptable and helps collect analytics on your readers.

  4. Include social sharing buttons. Increase the reach of your emails with social sharing buttons and a call to action for readers to share the content.

  5. Customize with personalization. Personalizing emails with name, company, or other information, dramatically increases both open and click rates.

  6. Use images in your email. Visuals break up the text and increase readership. ⅔ of respondents said they prefer mostly image-based emails.

  7. Pay attention to when you send emails. The time and day matters - analyze past email success rates and experiment to find the optimal time and day of the week for your audience.

  8. Create responsive email templates. A majority of your readers are opening on mobile devices. Use responsive designs that ensure easy reading on all devices. Larger +14 pixel fonts work best.

  9. Test, Test, Test! Don’t send an email without knowing how the email appears in every inbox and device.

Take advantage of these tips and optimize your emails for opens and conversion. Focus on your goal with each email and make everything you do purposefully. Pay attention to the stats from emails - open rate, click rate, unsubscribes, etc to see how you can improve for the new year.

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