Podcasting: The Future of Modern Digital Marketing

podcasting future of digital marketing

Podcasting has a unique place in marketing today. As a new type of media, most marketers don't realize podcasting audiences are even available so it is an under-utilized resource. Yet, more and more people are listening to podcasts. 80% of these people are listening to all or most of the podcasts they're subscribed to. And smart businesses are getting on board. Will you be one of those smart businesses? Or will your brand opt out of utilizing this rather new digital marketing strategy?

The latter shouldn't even be an option. Podcasting allows you to create content that your potential customers can engage with - wherever they may be.

A Multitasking Medium

Consumers can listen to podcasts while they do other things. Unlike videos, which require your full and dedicated attention, podcasts don't require as much concentration. People can listen to podcasts while cleaning, driving, running, or walking the dog.

Yet, while podcast subscribers partake in other activities while they listen, they are still highly engaged with the content. According to an Edison Research study on the audio habits of Americans, podcast listeners are actually "super listeners. They consume up to an hour and 45 minutes more audio per day than the average American. They also spend more than 25% of that total time listening to podcasts.

Taking Your Content Marketing To The Next Level

Content marketing isn't just about writing blog posts, creating infographics, and filming videos. Podcasting is a unique way to deliver content to consumers. With blog posts and videos, users have to sit down and concentrate to consume information. With podcasts, people can go on with their everyday lives and get valuable information at the same time. There are various ways podcasting can take your content marketing to the next level.

  • Establishes your brand as an authority. As blog posts and other types of content help you build your brand authority, so does podcasting. You can organize your podcasts in a way that presents relevant topics and trends. Consumers begin to realize that you are an expert on the topic. And what comes with expertise? Trust. Your potential customers will eventually start trusting you, so much that they may buy your products and services.

  • Increases brand exposure. Content marketing is a great way to get people to notice your brand. Writing blog posts, designing infographics, and making videos can get your brand out in the open, especially when you share this content on social media. Add podcasting to the mix and you'll have an even greater chance of making people aware of your brand. Podcasting can also help you reach a more sophisticated audience. According to the 2016 Podcast Consumer Study by Edison Research, podcast subscribers tend to be highly educated and affluent. Other types of content don't typically reach these particular consumers. So podcasting offers a greater potential for leads and conversions from these new consumers than traditional content offers. If your target customers are affluent and well educated, podcasting helps you reach this audience organically.

  • Boosts ROI. When it comes to content marketing, return on investment (ROI) is a very important factor. You don't want to spend a lot on marketing and not return a good profit. Podcasting is a very affordable content marketing strategy. All you need is a computer, a microphone, and a great topic. This minimal investment will generate a great ROI and thus, create more net revenue.

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