30% increase in website traffic. 

Company Snapshot

Founded: 2007
Industry: Online Retailer
Location: Cincinnati, OH

Team Fitz Graphics is a speciality online retailer of high-quality custom facility signs and graphics, record boards, championship banners and helmet decals for primary school, high school and college athletic departments.

The Challenge

Team Fitz relied heavily on AdWords (or PPC) for a majority of their online marketing efforts along with search optimization of their website.

Skeptical on how they could benefit from inbound marketing as they believed that their existing efforts were effective, Team Fitz felt that they were losing traction in the organic traffic lead generation.

Blue Kaboom was tasked with a challenge of growing online lead generation by 30% over the previous year regardless of methods used. Which meant we were given the same PPC budget as 2014, along with an additional budget for inbound marketing in 2015. We knew we could either win this game or lose miserably.

The Solution

We accepted the challenge of growing lead generation by 30% over the previous year. We knew that we had our work cut out for us, we had to get over 1192 new sales qualified leads for 2015.

Here was our play...

  1. We knew that we needed to focus on the target buyer personas, so we started there. We created new persona engaging content that could be found in not only the proper keyword phrases but also long-tailed keyword phrases.
  2. Engage the existing known fans on Twitter and Facebook to grow the fan base and spread the love.
  3. Create engaging premium content for each of the buyer stages that we have already identified and nurtured them to sales qualified leads.
  4. We knew from 2014 that we had about 30% mobile traffic but not a mobilized website (responsive) and had lots of work to do there.
  5. Forming a presence on social media as well as overall visits to the websites and valuable leads.

The Results

Score! We were able to generate significant results for Team Fitz! We met our goal, which was over 1,194 Sales Qualified Leads and in turn breaking record sales!

Blue Kaboom started by redesigning their website making it responsive across all devices. By optimizing and managing their Google AdWords account, clicks increased by 23% and conversions increased by 44%. Overall traffic increased by 30% with lead growth of 77%. Blue Kaboom was able to segment contact lists on sports and engage with contacts with content specifically tailored to their sport. 

Ecommerce team fitz growth in website visits


Increase in conversions


increase in email subscribers


increase in social media engagement

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