EnterTRAINment Junction

is unlike any other indoor family entertainment center. Home to the world’s largest indoor model train display, a giant kids interactive play area, the American Railroading Museum, an expo center and the Greatest Funhouse on Earth, EnterTRAINment Junction is 80,000 sq. ft. of unmatched family fun. With 25,000 sq. ft. of model trains, EnterTRAINment Junction was voted Ohio’s Best Family Entertainment Center. Located in Butler County which is considered one of the largest attraction areas in Ohio.

The Challenge

As an up and coming attraction in Southwest Ohio - a sweet spot for family-focused attractions in the midwest, EnterTRAINment struggled to gain awareness online with stagnant website traffic and low online ticket sales. Blue Kaboom knew these elements needed to improve to ensure that EnterTRAINment could grow into its full potential

The Solution

First, Blue Kaboom took a step back to research and develop EnterTRAINment’s two key buyer personas for whom developed content would target.

By redesigning the website to optimize for SEO, launching an EnterTRAINment Junction’s email marketing strategy and creating valuable landing pages with offers for their buyer persona, Blue Kaboom was able to develop a strategy to greatly impact the number of visitors and leads generated from the website.

The Results

Utilizing HubSpot with EnterTRAINment Junction allowed us to create and publish engaging content on landing pages and emails that generated a relationship between client and potential customers. HubSpot’s inclusive analytics allowed us to not only create and implement a strong marketing strategy but see the success and growth of the website over time.

By creating and maintaining a strong online presence, Blue Kaboom was able to increasingly grow membership and attendance to EnterTRAINment Junction. Overall, there was a 476% increase in online leads and a 175% increase in membership related to these efforts. 

Building a strong relationship with EnterTRAINment, Blue Kaboom continued to set and achieve new goals. 

Entertrainment Junction Results

From the beginning Troy and his team have been able to deliver! It’s hard to find a company that has the technical expertise and the creative vision to do it all. Recently we have focused on coming up more on Google searches. Troy helped us work through details and we are now in the Top 10 for many of our keywords.
— Bill Balfour, General Manager