What do you create experiences, memories, magic, all of the above? Isn't it about time your marketing reflect that?


Think about how families experience your business- from the intrigue of the first time they heard about you, to that first trip through your doors, to the excitement and anticipation of the family rushing into the car for the next time. And don’t forget the earnest joy in their voice when they tell their friends what a great time they had with you. Each of these are customer touchpoint- but only one of them occurs at your actual location. For enraptured guests, the experience never stops when they leave. Great marketing for a family entertainment center should support that.

The experience of your attraction never fades- it grows and multiplies every time a guest thinks of you.

It’s more than just possible. It’s working. It’s inbound marketing, and it’s the new way family entertainment centers are delighting their guests inside and outside of their gates.

What is inbound marketing, anyway?

Let’s focus on two of the most important elements of family entertainment center marketing: keywords and content. First, knowing which keywords modern families are searching when looking for entertainment is crucial to being discovered by potential guests. We research keywords that appeal to your audience and create website pages to increase your search rankings, along with your exposure to new guests.

That brings us to your second component: content, engaging blogs, targeted premium content offers, and captivating social media updates attract and bring in guests to your family entertainment center.

What is content and social media, anyway?

Content is anything that is helpful to your guests. We include helpful blog posts, targeted emails, smart calls-to-action, and valuable offers. Every piece of content is a touchpoint for your guests. By adding something of value at every step, you become the resource that sticks in a customer’s mind- “Boy, these folks really know their stuff!”

But there’s more in it for you! With every piece of content, you have the chance to get to know that potential guest better, which means you can tailor each touchpoint to be exactly what they’re looking for. It may not seem so glamorous, but there’s power in the exchange of a valuable piece of content for a simple email address. It opens the door to a world of possibilities. You know where that person is in their personal buyer’s journey. That means you can deliver perfectly crafted content, and use the most intelligent consumer data to nurture that person into a customer.

But what about social media? Of course, you’ve heard the buzz about social media. Guests love to connect from home. This is great for you- they’re happily expecting great content from you. Social media is the best way to deliver that content right to them- and create whatever experience you like in a micro-moment in the comfort of their own home and own device.

What’s the goal? The single most important chart to your family entertainment center:

The Buyer’s JourneY:


This is how your families are experiencing marketing. An optimized family entertainment center marketing strategy built around this framework, combined with your intimate knowledge of who your guests are, is a powerful combination. Inbound marketing is a powerful tool to build your strategy around.