Search Engine Optimization For Family Entertainment Centers

Your guests are looking for you. So why hide in the back pages of Google?

Your potential guests are on the Internet. Everyone is these days, and people Google things- a lot. They are actively searching for things to do- family fun, education, new experiences. You are the answer to their questions. So when they go online to search for those things, you need to be ready on the first page of Google to be their answer.

What is search engine optimization, anyway?

FEC Marketing | Attraction SEOSearch engine optimization (SEO) is the process of getting your website found via search engines like Google, especially for particular keywords. Let’s say a potential guest needs to know where they can take their family in your area. They type their question into Google, and Google shows them websites that it thinks will best answer their question. SEO is the process of making your website the best answer to their question.

But you can’t answer every question, which is where targeted keywords come in. Knowing which keywords your customers are searching when looking for an attraction is crucial to being discovered by potential customers. We research keywords that appeal to your guests and optimize your website pages to increase your search rankings, along with your exposure to new customers.

SEO isn’t a “set it and forget it” activity- which is why we’re not a “set it and forget it” agency. It’s more than just optimizing. SEO is about building. Better search rankings come through authority. We help you become the entertainment authority in your region- through content that answers your guests’ questions.


What's the goal? More of the RIGHT people looking for you and coming to your site.

FEC Marketing | Attraction SEO


Do you want to know where all your customers are going? The chart above is the answer. A comprehensive, integrated SEO strategy, combined with your expert knowledge of who your guests are, is a powerful combination.

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The SEO Presentation Your Team Will Understand 

SEO (Search Engine Optimizatino) is the biggest opportunity for the attraction industry. It's the number one way to be found by potential guests online and increase attendance. To get the support of your team, you need a strong plan with solid research to back it up!

SEO for Attractions and Family Entertainment CentersWith this presentation, you’ll be able to understand and adapt the slides so you can present to your own team and prove the value of SEO with: 

  • The case for SEO in a attraction industry
  • Easy-to-understand data and backing research
  • Real-life examples of SEO success in attractions
  • Slides customizable to your venue or attraction
  • Helpful in slide cliff notes that allow you to get the most out of the opportunity you’re presenting