LGBTQ Marketing: How is it different?

Many companies aim to market to a specific target audience that is most likely to desire what they have to offer. It doesn’t matter what demographic you are aiming to reach, you will need to be able to tailor your marketing toward that audience. For instance, if you want to reach a primarily gay audience, you will need to make use of specific gay marketing techniques that are proven to work best on this specific demographic.

“The total buying power of the adult U.S. lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer population is projected $917 billion. HuffPost

Greater Variety

One of the ways in which a marketing campaign geared toward the LGBTQ community is different is because of the vast array of people within this demographic. You will need to determine how to reach out to people of various races, ethnicities, income levels, genders, religions and more. This demographic contains some of the most diverse people of any other type of demographic. This brings with it unique challenges to your marketing campaign, often requiring the help of a marketing firm to create the perfect campaign.

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When you are reaching out to the LGBTQ community with LGBTQ marketing, you need to do so in a tasteful manner. While you are creating your marketing campaign, you need to establish a delicate balance between speaking to this group specifically and avoiding any stereotypes they often deal with in their lives. A marketing campaign that is designed carefully will ensure you reach your target market without the risk of offending anyone, especially someone in your target market.


The LGBTQ community wants to use businesses that support their demographic. If you want to reach out to this target group, you will need to make sure you portray your company as one that is accepting of them as a supporter and want to help them reach their goals.

The LGBTQ community is known for its loyalty.

“In August 2014, according to a Google Consumer Survey, over 45% of all consumers under the age of 34 say they’re more likely to do repeat business with an LGBT-friendly company.”

Reaching out to the LGBTQ community with LGBTQ marketing can be a delicate marketing venture. Because of the variety of people who fall within this demographic and the sensitivity of the topic in the general public, it can be difficult to reach out to one demographic without offending another. This means you need to portray your company’s acceptance of the LGBTQ community, while still reaching out to various other demographics. This will allow you to effectively market to the LGBTQ demographic to further your business.