Your first impression online is everything.

Manufacturing is built on well-engineered products, innovation, and optimized operations. The business of manufacturing is built on relationships - which are built on impressions.

You know how important a good first impression is. Your website needs to present who you are. It needs to be that first impression, and demonstrate clearly the manufacturing business that you want to showcase.

Your website is your first impression.

A website is not just a brochure anymore for manufacturing companies like yours. It can’t be just a description of your business and a list of what you do - that’s not enough.

As your first impression online, your website needs to showcase what you do, how you do it, and who you do it for. Your website is an opportunity to show how invested you are in your own company. In today’s world, a crappy website means a crappy business. Who wants to work with a crappy business?

Your website is a key piece of your marketing and should speak to potential customers to show you’re on the forefront of everything you do.

Form, fit, and function.

We don’t just send you a standard template website and fill it in with your content, anybody can do that. We create a website that both presents your manufacturing business and functions as a well-oiled machine to convert site visitors into leads - and eventually into customers.

We work with you to recognize the pathways that prospects take on your site, and develop and implement the structure and form that acts as a business catalyst. What goes into a well thought out website for your manufacturing company? We look to the most important elements of an effect website: buyer persona development, SEO, content development, and growth-driven maintenance. 

What's the goal?

Blue Kaboom is an expert in web design for manufacturers. Our goal is to create a website for your manufacturing company that speaks directly to your key prospects. We will build a site for you that is a mechanism of every sales and marketing effort generating visits and leads for your sales team to follow up and close the deal.