Create A Great Manufacturing Marketing Plan

Customers are the lifeblood of any enterprise. They assure the success and survival of a business. People are unlikely to purchase if they don't know what you are offering, or even worse, they don't know your business exists. Therefore, marketing plays a central role in business by creating awareness of its existence, attracting customers, increasing visibility, and generating sales.

Marketing cannot be effective without a marketing plan to guide on how to allocate marketing resources, the strategies to use, and how to measure performance. However, many manufacturers do not create marketing plans, and the few who do, store them in their bottom drawers. Manufacturers struggle to draft marketing plans and do not know what to include and exclude in the plan. Here are five tips to help manufacturers create an incredible marketing plan.     

Start with a Situation Analysis

A SWOT analysis is a technique for identifying your business' strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. A marketing plan should include a SWOT analysis to identify where the manufacturer stands. It should include how you differentiate yourself from the competition, any opportunities you can leverage, and roadblocks preventing you from achieving your marketing goals. Do not forget to examine your competitors to identify their strengths and weaknesses.


Identify your Buyer Personas

For you to promote your products and services, you must know who your target buyers are and the channels you can use to reach them. There's no point of marketing to the wrong audience because it will not generate any tangible results and return on investment. Therefore, it is essential to identify your buyers' personas, including their age, sex, location, and job title, among others.

Buyer personas help you to understand your target audience so that you can market to them effectively. With this information, you can determine the best content, tone, style, and delivery methods for your target audience that will convert them into paying customers.

Describe your Content Initiatives and Strategies

There are numerous content types and channels manufacturers can use today to promote their goods and services. You must choose the content and channel you will use to achieve your marketing goals.

You should decide the content you will create –blog posts, eBooks, and YouTube videos, how often you will create –monthly, weekly, daily, or fortnightly, and the channels you will use to disseminate the content –Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Also, a good marketing plan should include the KPIs you will use to track the performance of the content such as social media traffic or organic traffic.


Set a Budget

Every manufacturer should set a budget for their marketing plan. This way, you can determine how to use the finances available to get the maximum benefits. Although you may leverage various free channels, you can include the costs you may incur with other channels. It is best practice to focus on the channels and tactics that deliver results and have a positive ROI.

Track Your Progress

You can't improve what you can't measure. Your marketing plan should include a system or software that you will use to measure success. You should ask yourself, how do I determine which marketing strategies are working and which are not? How do you know the most effective channels or the type of content that is stimulating the most engagement?

By identifying what is working and what is not, you can make improvements and maximize your marketing investment. Google and HubSpot tools can help you measure the performance of your marketing efforts. Google tools, for example, help you to determine how your content is ranking for SEO.

Gone are the days when manufacturers waited for major industry events to help with marketing. Nowadays, they have to use numerous traditional and digital marketing strategies to reach out to customers. Forward-looking manufacturers are creating marketing plans to guide their marketing efforts and guarantee business growth. This article outlines five tips to assist manufacturers design an incredible marketing plan. After you create your marketing plan, you don't have to struggle with content creation; Blue Kaboom can help grab your visitors' attention with content that converts.     

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