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Fun Centers: 5 Tips for Popular Birthday Parties

funcenter-birthday.jpgEvery year, parents are spending more on their kids' birthday parties, and venues across the country are reaping the rewards. From pizza parlors to theme parks and everything in between, parents strive to give their children the perfect special day. Your Fun Center is already in the perfect place to become part of this rising trend. Each birthday party is the equivalent of a dozen or more referrals as the hosting parent brings in all their child's friends and their parents into your venue to either delight in your attractions or relax happily in the lounge.

Of course, as a business-savvy professional, you know that a fantastic kid's party doesn't have to break the bank. With a few excellent birthday party techniques, you can get the most in ticket sales and profits from your birthday parties while providing an unforgettable experience for the kids.

Here are five great tips for getting the best results from every party booked in your attractions business.

1) Prepare Your Packages

Parents love it when the perfect party comes easily. They are often willing to pay a little extra for reduced hassle. Even parents who take it the other direction and want to customize every detail will appreciate a solid starting point. When you have a few comprehensive package party deals, you give parents the opportunity to assess the total potential cost of a party and decide what to go in for item-by-item. Tiered ticket discounts based on the size of the party are always a great place to start along with catered lunch and cakes, balloons, gift baskets, and potentially a special show put on for the special birthday child.

2) Online Promotions

Unlike holidays or summer vacation, birthdays happen all year long. This means that constantly promoting your birthday party packages with vivid pictures of happy party-goers will always be a rewarding choice. As a child-focused venue, you may find best results by prominently featuring your birthday parties on your landing page and promoting it through regular posts to social media. This gives parents a chance to find your services no matter what day or month they begin their search. If you have a mailing list or contact information of leads or past customers, timely email offers around the time of their child's birthday can also serve to boost ticket sales and party booking.

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3) Partner With a Bakery

Children's birthday cakes and cupcake packages vary widely in quality and price, but you as a party vendor have the opportunity to find the best deal for your customers and could potentially get discounts by partnering with the right bakery. When you provide an excellent cake that doesn't massively inflate the price of a party, parents will remember your dedication to the quality of their child's special day. You can even boost your promotions by sharing the valuable bakery partnership online through social media.

4) Themed Gift Bags

One of the best things about birthday parties are the gift bags, and nothing makes gift toys more cost-efficient than buying in bulk. Whether you offer a single theme or a dozen, by having pre-prepared gift bag contents, you can offer a fantastic deal to your customers, a great set of toys for the kids, and keep your own overall party costs to an incredible minimum. You can even boost future ticket sales by throwing a complimentary coupon into each bag encouraging party guests to return as independent customers.

5) Customer Testimonials

Testimonials, pictures, and videos are powerful marketing tools for commercials, websites, and even social media posts. With the permission of the parents involved, you can use each birthday party you host as a source of additional promotional materials. A few one- to five-minute clips of kids enjoying a party or talking to the camera about having a great time will help convince future customers that your venue is right for them and their children. You can even sell party footage as part of your birthday packages for parents who want to preserve these landmark memories.

Here at Blue Kaboom, I've worked with many fun centers, and my goal is always exactly what yours is: to increase ticket sales, local awareness, and referral rates. If you'd like more tips for promoting your attractions business, please contact me today!

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