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5 Types of Content that can Enhance Your Manufacturing Website

manufacturer-content.jpgContent is king. As digital marketing has gone from optional to essential in the manufacturing sector, you have to make sure that your website stands out in attracting potential buyers and convincing them that your manufacturing business delivers quality products reliably.

Achieving that goal is only possible if your website has a heavy content emphasis. In return, you'll not just improve your search engine optimization, but also turn your online presence into a valuable resource for your audience that keeps them coming back. To achieve these goals, here are 5 types of content that can (and should) enhance your manufacturing website.

1) Relevant Blog Posts

A business blog can be your gateway to brand exposure. If you can write relevant and high-quality posts on topics relevant and timely within your industry, your digital marketing success will improve.

In fact, studies show that B2B businesses who maintain an active blog receive up to three times the web traffic compared to those who don't. That's because blogging allows you to focus on specific long-tail keywords relevant to your industry. If you can write high-quality posts on these keywords, both your traffic and your credibility will improve dramatically.

2) An Extensive 'About' Page

Speaking of credibility: in the manufacturing industry, it's an absolute key to success. Potential customers tend to have long buying cycles, vetting each potential supplier according to their reliability and the quality of their products.

Everything on your website should be designed to build that credibility. That starts with your about page, where you can outline your core areas of expertise, your company history, as well as past clients. This is also a great opportunity to promote case studies of past and current buyers.

3) Plenty of Social Proof

Case studies are just one of the countless ways in which you can (and should) highlight your credibility as a manufacturing firm. In addition, other types of social proof such as testimonials, news stories about your products, and expert reviews can help you build that credibility and attract more buyers.

Your buyers tend to trust others in their industry, which is why social proof works. If you can share quantitative information such as satisfaction statistics in addition to qualitative case studies, you'll build that credibility and increase the chance that potential buyers embrace your products.

4) Credible Pricing Information

How transparent is your pricing system? Depending on the products you produce, the answer may very from completely on-spec quotes to catalogs of your various offers. Whichever direction your company is taken, be sure to be clear about it to your website audience.

On your pricing page, you can outline the exact financial variables of working with buyers. If you cannot outline specific prices, be clear about what it takes from your buyers to get a quote, and even offer them the opportunity to request one while on your website. The more transparent you are, the more likely you will be to get quality leads.

5) In-Depth Gated Content

Finally, don't leave your manufacturing website without the opportunity to convert leads. Due to the above-mentioned longer buying cycle, you have to make sure that you can capture potential buyers even if they're not ready to request a quote or become a customer quite yet.

We've outlined the importance of a conversion-optimized manufacturing website in a previous post. But in reality, it can only work if the content you offer in exchange for your visitors' contact information is actually compelling. Create whitepapers, host webinars, or create a newsletter. Each piece of content should be compelling enough that it wouldn't just work as a blog post, but offers substantially more value to your audience.

Is your manufacturing website ready for success? The answer to that question might just depend on the above types of content. To learn more about what your website needs, download our Manufacturing Website Redesign Workbook or contact us today. We'd love to work with you to make sure that potential buyers can find you, convert on your website, and helps to grow your business.

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