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  • Leah Presser

    Leah Presser writes content designed to attract more visitors to your website and help you build trusting relationships with potential customers. She uses storytelling techniques and marketing strategies in her craft to create emotional connections that compel readers to take action and engage with your brand. When Leah isn't writing, she's reading about marketing trends and strategizing to one day buy an island where she can bring every stray dog in the world to live happily ever after.

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    4 Easy Edits to Make Landing Pages Exceptional

    Landing pages require some of the most direct and compelling writing you’ll ever need. The purpose of a landing page may be to drive visitors to sign up for an event, opt into a free trial, download an ebook, buy a product or any number of situations where you provide a valuable offer in exchange for a visitor’s information or some action by them.

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    How Customer Personas Help You Brainstorm Great Blog Topics

    Inbound marketing requires generating a great deal of content to be successful. One of the easiest, most effective (and, personally, my favorite) ways to meet this need for content is by consistently creating entertaining and informative blog posts.

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