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  • Troy Henson

    As Chief Fuse Ignitor at Blue Kaboom, Troy’s passion for delighting clients in industries such as Amusement/Entertainment Parks, Manufacturing and Professional Services, and this passion allows him to create alluring inbound lead generating websites and implement successful search marketing and content strategies.

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    How Paid Ads Can Supplement Inbound Marketing For Your Attractions

    Inbound marketing, at its core, is the antithesis of more traditional 'push' promotional alternatives. Rather than pushing promotional content onto an unsuspecting audience, you pull them toward your website with relevant, credible, and valuable content.

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    We're Hiring! Inbound Marketing Consultant Wanted

    Blue Kaboom is an Internet Marketing firm focused on helping our clients grow their businesses, using core competencies of Inbound Marketing Methodologies, Conversion Ready Design, and Strategic Web Site Building; all of which contribute to our successful marketing campaigns that we implement every day for our clients.

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    How Effective is Your Attraction's Website?

    You are the proud owner of a great attractions business for kids to run, jump, climb, and imagine their little hearts out in a safe environment. Kids love your attractions, and parents who know about you show up on a regular basis, often in response to requests from their eager children. In many ways, you offer a few hours of summer-camp levels of fun for every ticket sold. You, me, and your...

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    Marketers: Can You Break Through the Noise?

    What does it take for your business to break through the noise and actually reach your intended audience through online advertising?

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