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How Buyer Personas Can Help Optimize Your Website

How Buyer Personas Can Help Optimize Your Website

When you build (or redesign) your website, you need to make sure that it actually helps attract new visitors and convert them. Optimizing your website should always begin with understanding who those visitors are, and what they are looking for when navigating around on your pages.

Traditionally, that process includes an analysis of your target audience that gives you insight into the nature of their common characteristics. But we suggest going one step further: develop personas, which will help you build a website optimized for conversions.

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Understanding Buyer Personas

Understanding Your Buyer PersonaBuyer personas, in a way, are an outgrowth of more traditional target audience analysis. They are hypothetical, ideal customers that give you a better understanding of the type of content your audience is actually looking for. The Content Marketing Institute describes the concept as follows:

A composite sketch of a target market based on validated commonalities – not assumptions – that informs content strategy to drive productive buyer engagement (i.e., revenue).

By developing personas based on your audience analysis, you can build a better marketing strategy and, ultimately, a better website. That's because you can take the common characteristics of your target audience, and draw conclusions about their desires and intentions.

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Moving From Demographics to Intentions

Audience analysis is crucial in understanding your potential customers. But if all you know about your target audience are shared characteristics, you won't be able to reliably build either a marketing strategy or a better website as a result. That's where personas come into play.

If you develop a set of hypothetical customers, you can begin to infer more qualitative aspects of their personalities and intentions. You can, for example, evaluate the type of content they would like to read, and the format that works best for their consumption habits.

For example, your audience analysis may find that your local business tends to attract families with young children within a 25 mile radius of your neighborhood. Using that information, you can develop a persona (such as Lisa, a 35 year-old mom of two toddlers) that helps you understand your audience's motivations.

Optimizing Your Website For Buyer Personas

Using buyer personas in your marketing plan equals success!Research has found that 90% of marketers who use persona as a marketing strategy gain a better understanding of their buyers as a result. In other words, developing personas can help you significantly improve your efforts, focusing your digital marketing more directly on audience intentions and needs rather than your own guesses.

Naturally, then, you can use the concept to optimize your website. If you know what content your audience is looking for, you can develop a website that features and enhances that type of content. If your personas like webinars, build in webinar functionality that makes it easy for them to sign up for an upcoming event.

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The Results of Persona Optimization

Given these benefits of personas in web design and optimization, it's no surprise that plenty of research supports their positive impact. One study found that building your website with personas in mind increases web traffic by 210%, resulting in a 124% increase in leads.

That's because when they find your website, they'll stay longer because it's better optimized for them. In fact, Act-On Software found that websites optimized with personas in mind resulted in 100% more pages visited for each user on the website, and a 900% longer average length of visit.

Once you know how to establish personas, you can optimize your website with results in mind. In fact, you can even build a single website for multiple personas, a particularly helpful benefit for businesses looking to attract more than just one type of customer.

Of course, to optimize your website, you still need to know how to develop personas and how to integrate them into your marketing efforts. That's where we come in. Contact us for help in building personas related to your target audience and relevant for your website optimization.

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