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How to Use Inbound Marketing to Attract Parents to Your Fun Center

fun center parents Entertainment fun centers and attractions for kids are a fantastic way for families to take an afternoon off. Unlike the dangers of playing on the street or in public parks, the children are in an enclosed but exciting environment full of great toys, jungle gyms, and other kids to play with. Parents are equally delighted in a venue where their kids can play without them worrying that they'll wander off too far.

With the right marketing and management, you can host birthday parties and sell tickets for free play all week long. You can also expect increased business over the summer. One of the best ways to draw in new customers is to attract them using engaging inbound marketing techniques.

Step 1: Identify Your Audience - Parents of Active Children

Parenting an active child is rewarding and often incredibly exhausting. While most of your attractions were built for kids, the ultimate service you provide is to tired parents who just want to kick back with a cold beverage for a few hours while their kids play happily in a safe environment.

If given a comfy lounge and a snack bar, parents will enjoy lunching, chatting, and catching up on their reading while their children romp happily around them. These parents are your primary audience, along with their counterparts such as grandparents, foster parents, and babysitters. As the decision makers in the equation, we'll naturally be targeting them with our inbound marketing in order to attract them to the website.

Step 2: Choose Your SEO Keywords

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a fantastic way to target your audience. Remember that the best way to draw in a modern customer is through their Google searches. Well-targeted SEO keywords ensure that the people who want to find your service can do so based on the words they type into a search engine.

For a specialty business such as play attractions, you can't assume that potential customers will know how to search for your industry terms. You should start somewhere a weary parent with a hyperactive child might search for like:

  • "safe indoor playground"
  • "indoor play center"
  • "indoor playplace"

Because of the way children remember and ask for things, also include the names of a few of your attractions like:

  • air hockey
  • bowling
  • tree house
  • ball pit

Step 3: Write For Your Audience with the Keywords

Now that you know your audience and have your keywords ready, write or commission a few articles about topics parents will want to read. Your titles should be engaging and answer important questions hanging in a tired caretaker's mind such as how to entertain kids for a few hours or where to find a good birthday party spot for large energetic groups.

In each article, make sure to mention your keywords within the content while also ensuring that the article itself is interesting. A great place to start is with a few detailed descriptions of your facility and the attractions you offer. A dynamic array of titles and topics will keep your readers coming back. Remember to emphasize things that matter to parents like security for the kids and a lounge for adults to relax in.

Step 4: Wait for Customers

Inbound marketing is a constant process you can build on at any time simply by writing more content that appeals to your target audience, then integrating the right SEO keywords so search engines can recommend your site. When a customer types in one or more of your keywords or an article title into a search engine, at least one of your inbound marketing blog posts will appear in their results. Successfully creating engaging and promotional content will result first in attracting readers to your website. Then, ticket sales will increase as parents decide to try your excellent entertainment service.

When it's time to invest in a marketing campaign for your attractions venue, it's hard to beat the efficiency and effectiveness of well-configured and engaging inbound marketing. All you need is a blog and a little SEO research, and you'll be off to the races, drawing attention from local parents and boosting your center's attendance. Here at Blue Kaboom, I can help you tailor your keywords, write your content, and also manage your blog for you.

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