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The Apple Watch Introduces New 'At A Glance' Marketing Strategies

marketing-at-a-glance.pngWhen smartphones and tablets took the world by storm, marketing companies had to adapt and invented new ways to market that better suited the smaller screens and faster attention cycle of mobile devices. Alerts, in-app messages, and an entirely new philosophy on UI and graphic design are major examples of mobile-inspired digital marketing strategies. If you love digital marketing as much as I do, get ready for the next big wave of awesome marketing innovations for the Apple Watch and it's smartwatch competitors. Early adopters are already raving about this amazing work-in-progress design. Instead of pulling your phone from your pocket every five minutes to check the time and your inbox, the entire process can be streamlined into a quick glance at your watch.

Apple Watch 'At-A-Glance'

These great little watches come with an operating system you know I love. Essentially a shrunk-down iPhone, these babies can do almost everything your iPhone can, and a surprising amount more. The Series 2 offers a fantastic set of features, and are waterproof up to 50 meters so handwashing and even swimming with the watch on is definitely OK. Apple is especially proud of their new healthy suite of features in the watch, starting with hardware heart-rate and breathing sensors and building on that with activity monitors, coaching alerts, and even has a program that can monitor daily wheelchair workouts. Don't worry about missing out on your favorite iPhone features, from GPS directions to dictated messages, there's a watch version for just about everything.

New At-a-Glance Marketing Strategies

It hasn't been that long since smartphone clocks replaced the use of watches, and most adults still remember glancing at their wrist for that all-important precision data. In fact, a watch can offer a more accessible and subtle way to check your daily data without having to reach for your pocket. When designing a digital marketing strategy that complements the use of a smartwatch, marketers must exercise a combination of innovation and practicality. The beauty and convenience of a smartwatch is that data can be checked in a single glance or a few taps, so techniques need to be self-managing and concise. Here are a few things to remember when designing your digital marketing strategy for the Apple Watch:

  • Apple Watch MarketingShort and Sweet - Try to convey your meaning in 100 characters or less
  • Targeted and Valuable - Make each glance count by offering something valuable to avoid annoyance
  • Call to Action - Don't leave your viewers guessing what you want from them
  • Small Images - large promotional photos will not convey well on the small watch screen
  • Conservative Chiming - Don't make too much noise, you could get your clients in trouble at work
  • Simple Options - Make setting options a one-tap decision

The Future of Smartwatch Marketing

Smartwatches are still a new technology and have not yet been universally adopted. While popularity is growing, there's still time for tech-savvy marketing professionals to  get ahead by coming up with awesome new ways to work in the small-screened watch-face environment. How will your techniques make the most of the watch's new capabilities? Remember that there are a bunch of things the watch can do that smartphones cannot and that using smartwatches will create a different set of most-convenient behaviors in users. Here are a few neat ideas for innovating digital marketing for the smartwatch platform:

  • More Voice Response - people dictate to their watches, make your software voice-response friendly!
  • Heart-Rate Response - marketing messages could align with certain biophysical states like being excited or sleepy.
  • Quick Directions - consider an automatic link between accepting an invitation and getting directions to the location
  • Virtual Wallet - already a popular feature, how can you make it easier to pay with a smartwatch?
  • Status Symbols - consider using meaningful images instead of words for at-a-glance status identification.

Before the cell phone, watches were the highest form of personal technology, and now they are again! The Apple Watch brings back the tradition of watch use with all the innovation of post-smartphone technology. Digital marketers simply cannot afford to miss this new wave of opportunities to innovate and connect to users through their ever-present smartwatches.

I'm always excited by new marketing technology and if you are too, contact me today so we can brainstorm on even more ways to reinvent digital marketing for the at-a-glance style.

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