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  • 4 Easy Edits to Make Landing Pages Exceptional

    Landing pages require some of the most direct and compelling writing you’ll ever need. The purpose of a landing page may be to drive visitors to sign up for an event, opt into a free trial, download an ebook, buy a product or any number of situations where you provide a valuable offer in exchange for a visitor’s information or some action by them.

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    The Apple Watch Introduces New 'At A Glance' Marketing Strategies

    When smartphones and tablets took the world by storm, marketing companies had to adapt and invented new ways to market that better suited the smaller screens and faster attention cycle of mobile devices. Alerts, in-app messages, and an entirely new philosophy on UI and graphic design are major examples of mobile-inspired digital marketing strategies. If you love digital marketing as much as I...

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    The New Digital Marketing Technology Trends to Watch

    Any skilled marketer will work to understand and incorporate new and emerging technology with their creative efforts to reach their goals. For instance, it is not enough for an all electric car company to create content that attracts prospects at the earliest stage of the decision-making process. It is also important to make use of data mining to identify the precise moment when a consumer...

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    Why We Should Look Outside Our Industry When It Comes to Digital Marketing

    If you look around, you can see digital marketing trends in one industry that benefit marketers in another industry. That's why I believe marketing experts like me are essential to a company's executive strategy. I can see how marketing positions a company in a larger industry. In this blog post, I consider how digital has changed the future of the music industry. Because digital marketing is...

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