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  • Why Manufacturing Websites Should Start to Care About Mobile Immediately

    Despite the increasing move toward mobile device usage, you might not think that your manufacturing website needs to keep smartphone and tablet users in mind. After all, your audience is more likely to be professional, conducting research about potential manufacturing and supply chain partners on their office computers.

    But that assumption is becoming increasingly untrue. Not only are...

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    How Effective is Your Attraction's Website?

    You are the proud owner of a great attractions business for kids to run, jump, climb, and imagine their little hearts out in a safe environment. Kids love your attractions, and parents who know about you show up on a regular basis, often in response to requests from their eager children. In many ways, you offer a few hours of summer-camp levels of fun for every ticket sold. You, me, and your...

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    Google is Coming For Your Photos - With Potentially Huge Implications

    Do you remember the time before digital photography? When you had to insert film into a manual camera, and wait potentially weeks for it to be developed before you could enjoy the results? Now that even digital cameras are slowly fading from the spotlight, it seems like more than 'just' a decade ago. Today, our smartphones give us anything we need to take, view, and save beautiful pictures...

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    Understanding the Importance of Google's AMP Feature

    The future of the internet is increasingly mobile. Audiences across demographics are using their smartphones and tablets to access their favorite websites and social media network. In fact, 33 percent of all respondents to a 2016 survey use their smartphone as their primary device for accessing the web. Meanwhile, nearly 60 percent of all Google searches now come from mobile devices.

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