Inbound Marketing

Finding your audience online and driving them to your website to become customers.


Compared to traditional marketing, inbound marketing is how you can meet your audience in their everyday life and bring them to you. Inbound marketing is creating valuable information that will appeal to your audience that will make them happy and keep them coming back for more.


We don’t want just any web traffic, we want the right traffic coming to your website. The “right traffic” are people who are most likely to convert into leads and eventually, become customers. We will work with you define your ideal customer and get a holistic view of that customer - what their goals are, pain points, what they want to hear from you. Then, we create content that speaks directly to them on website pages, blog posts, and social media to funnel them to your website.

Inbound Marketing: Attract


Inbound Marketing: Convert

Once we get the right audience to your website, we need to convert those visitors into leads by gathering their contact information. How do we get them to give us something so valuable? We offer them something in return. Whether it be a tip sheet, checklist, or ebook, the content we provide is something we know they will like and provide their information for in return.


Once we collect their information, we’ve essentially started a relationship with them. They reached out to us and gave us their private information - it’s our job to not only provide what they asked for, but communicate with them in an effective manner. Through HubSpot’s tools including CRM, email marketing, closed-loop reporting, and marketing automation, we can market to these leads at the right time.

Inbound Marketing: Close


Inbound Marketing: Delight

Whether the contact is a lead, visitor, or customer, inbound marketing is a way to continually supply valuable information to them. Just because someone’s already a customer, that doesn’t mean we close the book on them and move on to someone else. We want to continue to nurture that relationship to make sure they are happy with your product or service, upsell them, or encourage them to become promoters of your brand or organization.

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